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Practical Wisdom YES! Mini Course

In this brief and enjoyable mini course, Mary teaches a clear and concise technique for accessing your intuition at any time and any place. In only 20 minutes and with a little practice, you can begin to access and use your own innate wisdom. In doing so, you can gain greater confidence in making decisions both small and large. The simple yet effective YES! Technique will allow you to move forward in life from a place of inspiration and authenticity, and feel empowered with the choices you must make.

For a more comprehensive version of the course, as well as inspiring information about Mary’s life, Express Your YES! is offered in a full book format. The book provides simple and direct exercises to practice the technique, along with additional reference examples to help shed light on the many ways this technique can support your life journey.

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Practical Wisdom YES! - Meet the Course Creator

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At a young age, after the tragic loss of my mother, I sought answers to many of life's most difficult questions. I soon became aware of our unquestionable connection to the divine and this constant source of wisdom. I also recognized that the veil between this world and the unseen realms was indeed thin, allowing for easy connections with those in Spirit. I hope you enjoy strengthening your connect to the unseen through this mini course and through my book. I invite you to reach out for more guidance with a one-on-one session. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!

 EXPRESS YOUR YES! In one hour, you can learn to harness your inner wisdom and align with the greater good not only for yourself but for all others. The YES! Technique is: Simple to learn. Easy to use. Quick, effective and reliable. Learn to Express Your Yes! by reading this transformational and empowering book.

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