Course Summary

Banish Stress and Anxiety

Tired of Being Trapped by Stress And Anxiety? Stress and anxiety becomes a problem when it is persistent and controls what you feel and limits what you  you can do. Anxiety that leads to excessive amounts of fear and worry can trigger a cascade of physical and emotional responses  that may overwhelm you, make you feel trapped, or prevent you from being able to function.  It's time you learn new tools to break the cycle and reclaim your life with this workshop


Stress, and anxiety are problems that affect everyone at some time. Left untreated, it traps you in a cycle that impacts your health, puts your career in jeopardy and can have a negative effect on your relationships both at work and at home. It's time you learn new tools to break the cycle and reclaim your life. 

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How it works

To keep your stress level down, we've made this program simple for you. This is how it works...

  1. Download the 30 + page PDF workbook (found in the first lesson) that is the perfect companion to the video series. It is packed with hands on exercises to get started on immediately to help change your life.
  2. Go through all of the videos, do the suggested exercises in the workbook, then redo the self assessments.
  3. Repeat as many times as needed.
  4. Print out your favorite tools to keep handy.