Course Summary

The Power of the Bucket List

Many people think of a bucket list as a list of to-dos before you become old, sick and dying. Thus, thinking about a bucket list can make you feel uncomfortable as you contemplate your mortality. It can awaken you from thinking that you have all the time in the world to making you feel sad or upset. Talking about It could also trouble your friends and loved ones. But what if we shifted the perspective? What if we changed the conversation? Instead of thinking of a bucket list as a countdown to your last days and the loss of your youth, think of your bucket list as a roadmap to the most exciting, fulfilling life possible. This mini course will ask you pertinent questions  and help you shift into living your life now instead of waiting for "Someday" to arrive.   

The Positive Power of The Bucket List - Introduction

Welcome to the course - The Positive Power of The Bucket List. The purpose of this course is to help you see that you can live life out load now! A bucket list doesn’t just invite adventure and dreaming into your life. It also gives you a firmer course of action that can help you make choices and steer your life correctly. When faced with a big decision, like a career change, you can look at your bucket list and ask yourself: “Does this get me closer or further from one of the items on my list?”

Print out the worksheets for each lesson or answer the questions in your personal journal. The audio narrates what you find in the worksheets. At the end of lesson four, you'll find some bonus items to help you along your journey and to bring happiness into your life. 

Are you ready? Let's get started.